What the hell is a tagline and why do I need one?

From plain and professional to weird and wacky – make that business mumbo jumbo memorable!

A tagline is an efficient tool to define your brand and create an instant emotional connection with the consumers. Whether it’s for boiling down your offer and values in a single statement, provoking a reaction or simply for explaining what you do, a good tagline can go a long way.

Some say taglines are irrelevant in modern marketing. The traditional print campaigns have been replaced by smartphone ads and five second video clips that leave little room for anything but the specific offer. And your witty motto is often the first to go. Many large corporations have stopped using their famous slogans and taglines entirely. But then again, Apple and such companies need no further introduction.

For a start-up or a small business, you can’t afford the luxury of not using all the tools available. A tagline may not suit every type of new media, but when it does, why not use it? Even in digital marketing, there’s certainly a need for snappy and memorable phrases to put you on the map and separate you from the competition.

Can you tell the difference between imperative, descriptive and provocative taglines? Can you decide which type is best suitable for your brand? We can. Show us your brand strategy and we get back to you with 50 great taglines to choose from in no time.

In the meantime, check out some of our favourite iconic taglines from marketing history. Can you tell what the buzz was all about?